LCO2 Bobtail Tanks

CoT Series tanks are designed, fabricated, tested and inspected to comply with national and international requirements. ISISAN tanks available with EN 14398 / EN 14025, ADR, TPED 99/36/EC and further European approvals, are used worldwide.

Design Code EN 14398 / EN 14025 + ADR
Inner Vessel Material Duplex Stainless Steel Carbon Steel (EN 10028-3)
Max. Allowable Working Pressure 23 Bar 24 Bar
Design Temperature -40 / +50 °C
Insulation Foam Insulation with Aluminium Jacket

CO2 Transport Tanks P&ID

1 Liquid Fill Valve 22 Manometer Valve OPTION-1 Flow Meter System
2 Bottom Fill Valve 23 Manometer 70 Flow Meter Isolating Valve
3 Thermal Relief Valve 24 Fill Connection 71 Flow Meter
4 Purge Valve 25 Try Cock Valve
8 Vapor Equalizing Valve 26 Liquid Withdrawal Valve OPTION-2 Main Liquid Valve with Actuator
9 Vapor Equalizing Connection 28 Liquid Withdrawal Connection 72 Main Liquid Valve with Actuator instead of 1
13 Regulator Isolating Valve 35 Analysis Liquid Valve
14 Back Pressure Regulator 63 Pump OPTION-3 Internal Valve
16/A Inner Vessel Safety Relief Valve 64 Filter 73 Internal Valve
16/B Inner Vessel Safety Relief Valve 65 Automatic By-pass Valve A Inner Vessel
18 High Pressure Shut Off Valve 66 Manual By-pass Valve B Foam Insulation
19 Low Pressure Shut Off Valve C Outlet Jacket
20 Equalizing Valve
21 Level Indicator