LNG Semi-Trailer Tanks

LnT Series tanks are designed, fabricated, tested and inspected to comply with national and international requirements. ISISAN tanks, available with EN-13530 / ADR and further European approvals, are used worldwide. All models have ? mark. LnT Series tanks are available in either semi-trailer or bobtail transport tanks. Stainless steel lifting lugs are used for maximum reliability.

Tank Volume m3 50 52
Net Water Capacity It 49600 51950
Tank Empty Weight kg 12700 13400
Liquid (0.5 Barg) kg 20300 21260
Total kg 40000 41660

LNG Storage Tanks P&ID

ISISAN reserves the right to change above specifications without prior notice.

1 Bottom Fill Isolating Valve 16 Inner Vessel Safety Relief Valve OPTION-1 Pump System
2 Bottom Fill Valve 17 Evacuation Connection 22 Pressure Indicator Valve
3 Thermal Relief Valve 18 High Pressure Shut Off Valve 23 Pressure Indicator
4 Purge Valve 19 Low Pressure Shut Off Valve 60 Pump Suction Valve
5 Vacuum Safety Valve 20 Equalizer Valve 61 Pressure Build-up Valve
6 Non Reutrn Valve 21 Level Indicator 62 Filter
7 Top Fill Valve 22 Pressure Indicator Valve 63 Pump
8 Vapor Equalizing Valve 23 Pressure Indicator 64 Expansion Joint
9 Vapor Equalizing Connection 24 Fill Connection 65 Gas Purge Valve
10 Emergency Shut Off Valve 25 Try Cock Valve 68 Temperature Probe Safety Device
11 Pressure Building Coil 26 Liquid Withdrawal Valve OPTION-2 Flowmeter System
12 Vapor Outlet Valve for PBC 27 Pressure Build-up Valve 70 Flowmeter Isolating Valve
13 Try Cock Valve 28 Liquid Withdrawal Connection 71 Flowmeter
14 Emergency Shut Off Valve 29 Isolating Valve for PBC
15 Evacuation Valve 30 Vapor Vent Valve