LPG Semi-Trailer Tanks

Semi-trailer road tankers are a combination of LPG transportation tank and chassis/running gear assembly. Our manufacturing standards are ADR, TPED, EN 12252, EN 12493. Upon customer's requirement design and manufacturing can be done according to ASME, CODAP or other standards.

Isısan holds certification according to 2007/46/EC. We utilize road condition, load distribution and roll stability simulations. Our designs have qualified braking and roll stability performance tests.

  • Isısan makes the lightest weight yet most durable semi-trailers; extra weight means extra fuel and higher environmental impact.

  • Axles and all components are configured for real road conditions.

  • Manufacturing and testing of the tanks are made under supervision of an independent inspection body.

  • Fine grain pressure vessel steels are used for manufacturing the tanks. Metallurgical and mechanical properties of the steels are tested and verified.

  • All welded joints are tested according to the manufacturing standard. A combination of X-ray, ultrasonic, dye penetrant and magnetic particle tests are utilized.

  • After manufacturing, all tanks are subjected to hydrostatic pressure test. After this test, the connections of tank accessories are tested against leaks, using nitrogen.

  • Tanks are sand blasted and coated with premium quality paints. The right type and thickness combination of primer, undercoat and top coating are determined according to the above ground or under ground service. Isısan quality will offer highest performance during the whole service life of tank.

  • Isısan's transportation tank designs and assembly details conforms to international standards and the truck manufacturer's procedures and guidelines.

Uses of LPG Semi-Trailers

LPG transportation from terminals to depots/filling plants.

LPG distribution to bulk customers or service stations; equipped with an LPG pump. Alternatives of pump drive are:

  • Electric

  • Hydraulic

Volumes: 45 m³ - 47 m³ - 48,5 m³ - 50 m³ - 55 m³ - 57 m³ - 62,2 m³ - 65 m³

Types of Axles

Mechanical Suspension

Axles with mechanical suspension best suit for harsh roads and extreme conditions. Isısan has double axle and triple axle models. Several axle models with different capacities; single or tandem wheels are available.

Pneumatic Suspension

Axles with pneumatic (air) suspension are used in most European countries. Pneumatic suspension offers ride quality and high-tech safety features. Isısan has models with double, triple or quadruple axles; with single or tandem wheels. A choice of drum type or disk type brakes, with ABS or EBS anti-lock brake system option and RSS stability system are available.

Isısan's Design Principles Are:

  • Vehicle safety.

  • Ride quality.

  • Self eliminating of operator faults.

  • Operational reliability.

  • High performance.

  • Low maintenance.

  • Durability and long-life.

  • Total economy.

  • Health and safety of operators and other people.

  • Environmental impact.

Isisan's Innovations:

  • Revolutionary baffle plate design, enabling repair and changes with no need to hot work on the tank.

  • Material and design improvements to reduce the dead weight of transport tanks; resulted 6% increase in transport capacity, fuel saving and reduced impact to the environment.

  • Ergonomic equipment cabin design, with side mounted or rear mounted alternatives.

  • Selector; an automatic control box increasing the safety and minimizing human errors during LPG transfer.

  • Electronic selector, remote controlled upgrade to selector.

  • Anti tow-away; increased safety to prevent accidental drive off.

  • Adopting computer simulations to offer highest brake roll over and load distribution performance of the vehicle.

Semi-Trailer Accessories / Standard:

  • Safety relief valves.

  • Loading and unloading connections.

  • Safety systems.

  • Emergency stop.

  • Pneumatic internal valves.

  • Level gauges.

  • Equipment cabin made of metal, with long-life and ergonomic design.

  • Anti tow-away system.

  • Earthing rod.

  • Fire extinguisher.

  • Reflectors, safety marking and labeling.

  • Side protection bars.

Semi-Trailer Accessories / Optional:

  • Equipment cabin of rust-free material.

  • Hose fixture of rust-free material.

  • LPG pump.

  • Hydraulic driven.

  • Electric driven.

  • LPG hose reel; liquid phase, vapor phase or both (only with LPG pump).

  • Electric power rewind.

  • Hydraulic power rewind.

  • Pneumatic power rewind.

  • Selector (only with LPG pump).

  • Remote emergency stop.

  • Light fixture (inside or outside of cabin).

  • Earthing cable reel.

  • Dead man button.

  • Hydraulic operated internal valves.

  • Sunshield.

  • Logo.

  • Aluminium rims.